Product Photography

Why you shouldn't use your iPhone...

Did you know that product photography is the fastest growing sector of the photography market thanks to an explosion in online shopping?

Here are some facts you may not know:

  • 93% of customers identify visual content as a key deciding factor in their purchasing decision
  • 78% of online shoppers expect high-quality product photos
  • A single product photographed in-studio may require up to 5 off-camera lights synched to fire at the same time
  • Two nearly identical products with minor differences like color can require two different approaches
  • A PNG file is an image with no background and typically requires special equipment and software to produce

Product photography is essential for any restaurant, retailer or manufacturer who intends to sell or advertise their products online. A clean, clear product photo isn’t just nice-to-have. It’s a necessity when connecting with your consumer. 

Picture Montana is one of the only studios in the Flathead with dedicated space for product photography. Or let the mobile studio come to you. Advanced equipment, expert knowledge of special lighting techniques, dedication to detail and creative innovation are what make Picture Montana product photos stand above the crowd.  Whether you’re a jewelry maker, a chef, a farmer, an esthetician, a manufacturer or an inventor your products are your art and they deserve to be shown the best light... not hiding on the shelf. 

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